Who needs a castle?

Let's go into fantasy a little and introduce someone whom it will be useful, necessary and just nice to be the owner of this delightful castle! Well, this model of it…

Museums and cultural centers

With the authenticity and scrupulousness inherent into all museums, the model of the castle will fit into any exposition dealing with France and its history. And the detailing of it will attract attention to a sufficiently long time.

Salons of elite wine, cheese, etc.

A mock-up of this performance level will undoubtedly emphasize the respectability of the interior of any sommelier of the salon! Not to mention the fact that he will be the reason to go there again and again and again ...

Travel agencies

Carrying a 100% French atmosphere, fascinating and attracting attention, the model of Vitre Castle serves as an excellent illustration and motivation to feel and see it with your own eyes. To see it and the rest of France

Clothing Boutiques

Respectability, which can be seen from afar, is not only bright, glowing signs. This is something that is never, for anything impossible to repeat again. What causes admiration, and what you want to share with all friends. This castle is like that!

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The most amazing thing is that the second such castle is not and will not be! And it is visible to the naked eye. Is it worth the risk and delay?...




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