What is it!?

Scale? Approximately 1:84.

Material? Well, I have to tinker with this! To get on and try everything that could be tried ... As a result, a drywall was born as a solution. The 4 mm strong cardboard with gypsum cellulose composition, made in France (again), by manual casting and molding.

The texture of the surface? Having the traces of destruction, a fire of the XVII century and being rebuilt with various time intervals, the castle has a different masonry structure, which is maximally preserved in the layout of the castle. Engraved both facial masonry, and bearing masonry, the destruction that takes place to be at the moment the teeth of machicolation, colonnades, etc.

Illumination of windows? Yes! Why not!? But the decision came much later than the model creation start. As a result, there was a lot to re-make, not to mention the work out of the "windows" ... In total, the model of the Vitre castle has 91 luminous windows with 273 yellow LEDs, of voltage 12 volts.

Painting? The castle, i.e. its model, is painted with acrylic paint. The coloring and technique of staining was rather a struggle with physics and cost multiple tests, trials and experiments. But painting the castle in a dozen layer is not at all respectful! Therefore, "guinea pigs" were made - sections of walls that repeat the structure of the model, which were subjected to experiments with color. Constructed from different stones, different materials and having a different degree of damage, "Pencil castle" also has a different color in its individual sections. This is all made with 100% certainty in the model.

Being in the stage of completion, the model means the presence of moss on the walls, grass around and saplings of bushes. In general, everything is as it should be. Castle as a castle!

And of course the pedestal! How without it !? He will be! Stay with us and see how it all ends ... And better be its owner! While they were not someone else! There will not be the second chance!

It is unlikely that we will dare to go through all this again! The castle is almost ready and right now you can become its full owner! While there is a chance!



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